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From: Kate Thomson ([email protected])

Date: 02/12/03


If you want to make sure that your customers can access www.gok.ca,
AlertRadar can help.

Do you know if your site was down last night? Would you lose business and credibility if it was?

AlertRadar offers an essential network monitoring and alerting software solution used by IT professionals around the world. AlertRadar monitors that your webpages or servers are always connected and accessible over the Internet. If an error is detected, AlertRadar will alert you, enabling you to take appropriate action.

  • Make sure that your site is up!
  • Test your site’s connectivity every hour.
  • Monitor the vital pages of your website & your vital server devices.
  • Receive immediate email alert notification if you suffer downtime.
  • No software installation required.

Sign up today and avoid costly downtime! Click at
http://p1j2m3a4.pdhost.com/pdsvr/www/r?1000011596.1456.9.9czlI4e62eyGoo to Sign Up now!

AlertRadar ensures around-the-clock availability and continuous quality of service for critical web and network installations.

AlertRadar will enable you to take action so you can minimize any costly downtime. Click at
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Best regards,
Kate Thomson
AlertRadar Support
Email: [email protected]

Be the first one to know when your site is down!

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