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Gnome On-Screen Keyboard

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Looking for a Logo...

Three Views of the GOK

For the User

Direct Selection

Direct Selection Demo

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Inverse Scanning Demo


Visually Cued Morse Code

Visually Cued Morse

Compensation for Involuntary Movements

ÉAnd More

Word Completion Prediction

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Word Completion with Direct Selection Demo

Dynamic Menu Demo

For the Support Team

Creating Action Resources

Creating Actions

Describing Feedback Resources

Creating Feedback

Creating Functions

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Assigning Action, Feedback and Function Resources

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Point Coding

Switch Coding

Directed Scanning

Inverse Scanning

Automatic Scanning

Internationalization of the Setup

Key Size and Spacing

Spacing applied

Main Keyboard with Large Spacing

Open Source

For the Developer

What can it control:

And more to comeÉ...

Optimally Shaped Keyboards

Any Vocabulary

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